The North Valley Stand Down Association, (NVSDA) is a non-profit organization, operating with 501(C) (3) tax exempt status.
NVSDA is made up, completely, of volunteers from different walks of life, working together to ensure that no veteran is left behind.

Thank you for considering the North Valley Stand Down for your contribution. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Terry Mikesell

You can also mail us at:
‚ÄčNorth Valley Stand Down Association
P.O. Box 492093
Redding, CA 96049-2093

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Tips and Tricks to Remember when you come to volunteer with us:

The following are tips that have been gathered from past Stand Down experiences.

  • Try to learn each veteran's name. One tent leader had everyone sign in as a way to help remember names. Another idea, is to write and tape each veteran's name onto their cot.
  • Medications are to be turned in to the medical clinic. Make sure your veterans do this.
  • All backpacks are to be turned in at check in.
  • It's good to know if you have a veteran in your tent with medical problems. When you do a sign-in sheet, you may want to make notes about medical problems on that sheet.
  • Know what's going on at Stand Down. Know the daily schedule; check the bulletin board for last minute changes; know when and where various providers will be. It will be important to have this knowledge to assist the veterans in navigating the event. A layout of the area and schedule will be available on site; we will try to adhere to the schedule as close as possible.
  • Try to keep everyone out of the tent during the day. Be assertive, persistent, and direct. Continue to remind veterans of the services available and strongly encourage them to connect with services.
  • Do whatever you can to encourage cohesion and unity throughout the Stand Down.
  • Remember to be respectful, patient, and receptive: Say Thank you i.e. thank you for your service. Thank you for coming.
  • Listen
  • Be aware/alert for situations that may need to be handled right away. Someone from the command tent is available at all times; there is also 24-hour security on site for major conflicts.
  • Mediate conflicts: if there are conflicts within your tent, mediate. If you need help, don't hesitate ask for help or call upon Stand Down leaders
  • No drugs, alcohol, weapons, violence, or attitudes.
  • Smoking is permitted in smoking areas only.
  • Legal assistance will be available.
  • V A Social Workers: check in with the Tent Leader to see what they need.
  • Tent Leaders: utilize your V A Social Workers!
  • If you're not needed at your assignment, please check in with the Volunteer Desk
  • After veterans our service providers & volunteers will be called for meals.
  • Remember all "goodies" i.e. clothing, bedding etc. are for homeless veterans only.
  • Keep all valuables locked in your car, if you love it leave it in your car.

Personal Care Tips:

  • Remember No Open Toe Shoes!